Marcus Asset Group has been selected for many of the most challenging consulting projects in the District of Columbia in recent years. Whether evaluating development projects with rare complexities, conducting appraisals for clients in the heat of litigation, or responding to DC Government RFPs, Marcus Asset Group has a reputation as the one of the best and most successful private consulting and appraisal groups in the Metro Area. 

In 2017, Ernie Marcus was selected to be a Counselor of Real Estate. To be selected for such an honor requires demonstrated quality work and experience over an extended period of time. To learn more about the qualifications, follow this link. Mr. Marcus's experience as both a practictioner and consultant allow him to help his clients turn complex problems into opportunities to add value.

With decades of experience as a principal actor, Marcus Asset Group draws on its background in real estate development, investment, valuation and market analysis to provide consulting services to clients. Mr. Marcus has been involved in all facets of real estate since 1978. His 25 years as a real estate developer and investor follow a successful 10 year career as a project manager, acquisitions officer and financial analyst for local and national development firms. Furthermore, his additional 28 years of experience as a commercial appraiser, consultant and market analyst, all in the Washington, DC area, allow him to understand consulting norms and best practices. The combining of consulting and valuation services while being an active real estate investor and developer is unique in the DC area, providing the ability for MAG to draw from a myriad of experiences and knowledge while taking on complex assignments. Mr. Marcus and team members take a strong analytical approach to real estate property issues along with writing and research skills. Team member Building Partnerships, LLC provides particular expertise in affordable housing and working with Washington, DC tenant groups.

Common characteristics of past and present development and investment activities of MAG and its team members include:

  • Public-private partnerships through an RFP process
  • Measured risk-high return investments
  • Complex scenarios for the redevelopment, repositioning and new construction of real estate assets.
  • Affordable housing, including D.C. tenant rights related development as a developer and as a consultant
  • Market-rate housing for rental apartments and for-sale condominiums
  • Urban retail in emerging markets
  • Mixed-use development
  • Social benefits sought in private and public/private development. Balance high return/luxury type property with affordable housing or other public benefits such as art, public space, farmer’s markets and integrating space for non-profit groups including creative writing centers and job training centers

Skills as Consultant: MAG and team members

  • Knowledge of following property types: multi-family (rental and condo); mixed use; urban retail; industrial; office (condo and rental); land development; “covered” land plays.
  • Financial analysis: proforma income projections and budgeting for analysis of acquisitions, debt, cost benefit analyses.
  • Market analysis
  • Due diligence for property acquisition or development activities.
  • Structuring real estate debt financing and equity investments
  • DC Rent Control strategies, filings: Voluntary Agreement, Condo conversion, Hardship Petition
  • Highest and Best Use analysis of properties for real estate owners or prospective buyers.
  • Analysis of development trends to inform investment strategies
  • Review local government and quasi-public agency properties to evaluate short and long term strategies.
  • Tenant association representation in DC under TOPA law, alone or combining with non-profit groups such as Micasa and Manna.
  • Represent or provide technical expertise to property owners in negotiations with local government agencies or quasi-public agencies.
  • Represent real estate owners who require appraisals for any purpose including eminent domain, partnership restructuring or other complex situation. MAG can oversee the appraisal process for an owner hiring a third party appraiser.
  • Work with team member, M&B Appraisal Group, to provide valuation services for D.C. properties only. The appraisal company has particular expertise in multi-family housing and all property types outside of the CBD, including East of the River.
  • Condominium development: market analysis; unit mixes; features; financial analysis; debt and equity underwriting
  • Oversight of retail leasing efforts and management.
  • Litigation support for real estate matters.
  • Zoning relief/entitlement process – analyze alternative strategies including financial modeling.
  • Physical review. Coordinate professionals for building inspections and analysis.
  • Development services/Project management: coordination of design and construction
  • Client types: Non-profit groups, government agencies, institutions (including an embassy), private owners and developers.

Please Follow this link to the full CV of Ernest L Marcus.

Team Members